Nightmare Fuel

A couple of months ago I posted this:

Brickmuppet linked to it and called it nightmare food.  I read it again and he was right even though I am not trying to sell freeze dried storable food.  I try not to be that pessimistic and frankly I don’t think that that’s a viable option.  You are better off learning gardening and farming.  And ammunition reloading, if it comes to that. Perhaps setting up you own small factory.  That’s become easier as old tools  are being dumped on the market and CNC machine costs are becoming incredibly cheap.

I keep trying to escape the nightmares, yet they keep showing up. I would like to be optimistic about the future, but everything I see rings alarm bells.  Too many wrong policy proposals based on bad Keynesian economics and the idea that if you dump enough fiat paper into the economy that you will somehow create demand out of thin air. Exactly what happened to the Romans.

Along with a culture of indolence, sexual perversion and corruption at the top.  It’s turning out that Washington is rivalling Rome for decadence and pure licentiousness.  A city of marble that takes all and gives back nothing but the burden of taxes and the threat of oppression by the agencies and office of the Administrative State.

Then there’s the return of the romanticism of the Socialist idea. Somehow, no matter how much suffering happens under Socialism, people still cling to the crazy idea that you can create better people with guns and force.

Which is why the people in charge keep trying so hard to disarm the rest of us.  Armed people are citizens, disarmed people are subjects, soon to be serf or slaves.  The people who desire disarmament always seem to move on to other things once the people can no longer shoot back.

Feast of Fools

Obama Employs Social and Behavioral Sciences Team to Expand Big Government

I’ve spoken before how so many of the people in charge are out of touch with the rest of us. How the bubble of power and connection has protected the people in charge from the consequences of their actions.

I didn’t realize just how much until the Wikileaks explosion this week.   Now sexual peccadillos have been something that have been more or less accepted in the Democrat and Progressive types for some time. But the line was drawn at total corruption.  Or so we were lead to believe.  It turns out that the corruption in Washington has been deep and wide for a long time.

BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury

Kent Dunn Intel Report – You GOTTA SEE THIS ONE!

Referring back to my original post, about the fall of the Romans, I never believed that I would get to watch I Claudius played out for reals.  Yet here we are with Hillary Livia and the orgies coming to pass right on schedule.  In the `1970’s I imagine that none of believed that this sort of thing was possible. Which was hubris on the part of we the people.  To all too large a part of us it became all too easy to say “the government should” and let the government solve our problems for us.  Even when the problems were not really as bad as we were led to believe.  It became all too easy to let the government handle healthcare costs for the elderly, education for inner city kids, or aid for unwed mothers.  After all the government was trustworthy, wasn’t it.  We forgot or for most of us never learned the Lord Acton’s maxim about power and  corruption.  Especially with a government that has been trusted with more power than any other in history.

We knew that some of the people in Washington were corrupt, this senator or that congressman or woman. The former Senator from my state, Mr. Dodd what a case in point. What difference did a waitress sandwich or two really matter, so long as those defense contracts for subs and helicopters kept rolling in.  That was just plain stupid.  It seemed though, that things by and large corrected themselves, at least that’s what the media showed. Otherwise what was Watergate all about?

Well now we know. Perhaps we all got lucky, that god in spit of all our sins does indeed love the United States of America.  Perhaps the nightmare of a political and economic collapse can be avoided. The long experience of history says that this is a very rare event.  The end of the greatest and best beacon of liberty may have been inevitable, brought about by a group of selfish and greedy people who, given the levers of all too much power have managed to destroy the wealth, prosperity and potential of the great nation.

Update: More from Mike Cernovitch.

Podesta Emails Reveal Clinton’s Inner Circle as Sex Cult with Connections to Human Trafficking

And Breitbart.

The scary part isn’t that the sex ring existed.  The scary part is that it went on so long because the people involved were considered out of reach or covered up by the people who were supposed to be protectors of the rule of law.


  1. SiGraybeard · November 4, 2016

    Linked back from my place.


  2. MadRocketSci · November 5, 2016

    One thing about the Augustinian Roman economy that really creeped me out is the utter destruction of any independent means of making a living. It sounded far too much like what the leftist-hive-mind is pining for these days.

    At one point in Roman history, slave labor in the newly conquered provinces of the empire basically squeezed the middle class out of existence. All economic power was concentrated in the hands of the patrician governors who owned plantations or industries run by slave labor. No independent freeman could compete, and so everyone ended up dependent on “patronage” – a system whereby a citizen would have to pledge allegiance and votes to a patrician in exchange for a fairly pitiful living allowance. (Universal basic income anyone?)

    I keep running into this lie (Elon Musk was pushing it – all the SV types do at some point) that our economy is in ruins because of automation making vast classes of the population “unnecessary”. It’s a lie, and it’s being pushed to hide the devestation that the political ruling class is wreaking on our livelihoods, and why no one can find any work. This isn’t what some capital intensive automation utopia looks like. This is what an economy suppressed by regulation, taxation, and competition with slave labor looks like.

    In an automation utopia, machinery and industrial raw materials would be plentiful and cheap, not economically out of reach. People’s time would be in demand to design, set up, tear down, fix and maintain all manner of equipment, factory lines, etc. Wages relative to the price of manufactured products would be forced up, not down by massive increases in productivity and competition between manufacturing industries. We were closer to that world, the sort of world depicted in old optimistic cartoons like the Jetsons, in 1920 than we will be in 2020.

    I find it interesting (and depressing) that our elites are always looking for slave labor. They literally can’t exist without it. If they can’t use it to subdue an independently wealthy middle class, then they’d lose political power (and hence access to slave labor). I think on some level they realize that their lifestyle is dependent on draining some productive enterprise somewhere against it’s will, and so “robots” are the lie they tell themselves to pretend that they aren’t hurting anyone.


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