How To Make Money With Your 3D Printer

Can a 3D printer be a money machine. Read and find out. Good tips here.

Have you ever seen a money-printing machine? I have.

I used to work for a technical service company that performed certified product testing for hire. We were small and ambitious and would take on crazy projects all the time, but I understood that the bread and butter work was done by the money printing machines.

They took the form of automated laboratory equipment that ran high-cycle fatigue loading tests at low frequencies (as specified by regulatory agencies). These machines were ugly, but they were also reliable and very cheap to operate.

Jobs done on those machines were billed by the hour and they ran constantly.  5Hz to 5 million cycles works out to 11.5 days per specimen with limited human intervention…you do the math. Seeing these machines made two things clear to me: As long as they were running then times were good for the business, and that…

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