Bullying And Fear

Recently, on Facebook the author of this piece posted it into a conversation that we were having.  While I am definitely not a Democrat, it’s interesting to see that the same sort of things that the Hillary campaign is doing now to Trump, they did to Mr. Sanders and his supporters.



This seems to be part and parcel of the Obama and Clinton machine wing of the Democrat Party. Which shouldn’t be that big a surprise.  Both Obama and Hillary were related to or members themselves of the New Left, Obama through family contacts and Hillary through  association with Saul Alinsky and perhaps other Chicago contacts.  Now that the pieces of the puzzle have emerged the connections with Mr. Creamer and the use of “Direct Action” to achieve their ends isn’t really that much of a surprise. The big surprise, for them, is how ineffective that action has been in changing political opinions and how much blowback they have been getting as a result of the actions.  I suspect that both Obama and Hillary expected a Vietnam style realignment of American politics as a result of creating turmoil and chaos.  Instead what they have received is a huge pile of anger and determination to hit back, at them.

That’s what happens when you have tactics, but do not consider the potential consequences of you strategy.  Perhaps if they had not lived in bubbles all these years they would understand the resentment and  disgust that have hung around since Vietnam in many people even to this day. If they talked to people rather than engaged in pronouncements from the throne, they may have understood why  “direct actions” were doomed from the start.

Following the playbook below only works if most people see the people you are assaulting as the enemy and not you as the enemy.  Optics matter, and with cameras everywhere, there are going to be optics, more than you really want. When people see disabled and homeless people being beaten up, border officers shot, thugs looting small businesses and the rest, they don’t get scared they get mad.  They also see YOU as the “real enemy.”


— The Third Principle of Direct Action organizing is that it attempts to alter the relations of power between people’s organizations and their real enemies. The enemies are often unresponsive politicians, tax assessors, utilities, landlords, government agencies, large corporations or banks.

Give people a ‘taste of blood.’ Push your opponents so hard you can see them squirm.

You may want to assign some people to be “inciters” and move about to heat up the action getting people angrier and encouraging them to show their anger.

Make what the opposition is doing or not doing SOUND scandalous.

Your power is your ability to hurt the target or withhold something the target wants. The hurt can be immediate, as in a strike or boycott, or it can be potential, as when bad publicity will cause a politician to be unseated. You should always know exactly what kind of power you are using and how it will work.

Stunts can help. If, for example, a politician won’t meet with you, tape a sign across his office which says, ‘This Office Closed to the Public.’ If someone won’t come into a debate, put a dummy in the chair and debate that for dramatic affect.

Be ever on the lookout to play targets off against each other. Republican vs. Democrat, Up-State vs. Down-State, In Group vs. Out Group. Your enemy’s enemy may be your ally.

— Civil disobedience is not generally a good mass recruitment tactic. There are some exceptions. A community group found that by having several hundred people cross a strategic street corner at rush hour, cars could be prevented from making a right turn on a red signal and traffic would be backed up for miles. The leadership was unjustly arrested.


The mass of the Democrats seem to be determined to pursue the same old path that humanity has been down far too many times.  Dehumanize, isolate  and demonize. The goal isn’t debate on policy, it’s destruction of the opposition.  That’s why all you hear is how bigoted and racist Trump supporters are.  On MSNBC it’s an endless stream of hate from the likes of Rachel Maddow.  A hate which justifies anything but losing the election.

The Democrats are rigging the election just as the Project Veritas videos show.  The busing around of illegal aliens and multiple voting are bad enough.  As are the illegal actions I violation of the campaign laws that were mostly driven by Democrats.  If they don’t want those laws, why did they pass them in the first place?

Far more troubling is the campaign of intimidation and violence.  Which the current Administration, the campaign  and their surrogates have been pursuing at all levels since 2010 and the rise of a backlash against the actions of the Administration and the all too powerful administrative state. Instead of persuasion, the Democrats have resorted to naked intimidation and  resorting  to pure thuggery.


The intimidation is spreading, driven by people scared that if they don’t signal that they support the actions of the thugs that they will be next.  That’s the real scary part of the crazy.  The crazy isn’t about the victims.  It’s about the terror and keeping us all “compliant.”  That’s why all those rules exist. And the “spontaneous” protest and boycott.  Along with all the aggressive tactics against potential opponents.  The whole purpose is to maintain the fear of the tax man, the mob, or both.


Now The Gibson Guitar Raids Make Sense

The true villains behind the Gibson Guitar raid are revealed

Portland’s Sweet Cakes by Melissa, which refused to bake for lesbian wedding, closes

What these Democrats don’t seem to have considered is what the consequences of what’s going to happen if they win.  Again, all tactics, no consideration of how those actions have an effect on society. The problem is that if they get what they want, American society as we know it is going to break down.  It’s already heading toward collapse. I keep asking myself if they understand where things are heading and have become convinced that they either don’t fully understand or are so sociopathic that they don’t care what happens so long as they win.

The interesting thing is that if what I’m seeing coming down the road is true, the Democrats would be insane to want to come anywhere near the levers of power, especially at the level of competence that we’ve seen for the last eight years.  The demographics don’t lie and if things don’t change very quickly the crash is going to get ugly in about five years, if not sooner.  There are consequences for taking so many out of the workforce, especially senior workers for so long.  Consider that me being out of work since 2012 has cost my potential employers millions and the government about 100k or more in lost taxes. That’s money that’s never going to exist, production and innovation that will never happen. multiply that by millions and it adds up to a huge toll in lost income for the country.  The Obama Legacy is measured in the more or less 16 trillion dollars that the country will never see.

The time has come for Americans to think about the kind of country that WE want, not the Clinton machine or anybody else for that matter. This our country, not the elites.  Why should we let them make all the decision when most of the time, those decisions, made from the top down and based on obsolete, or incorrect information and misguided ideas of how things work and have disastrous consequences which, somehow those on high never have to face.



I will be the first to admit that Mr. Trump is far from perfect.  On the other hand he has had a lifetime of doing good things that he didn’t have to.  I live in the NYC area and I’ve seen what he’s done, not just on his projects, but little tangible things like the Wolman skating rink that made the city a better place.  I’ve also never heard of serious labor strife in decades of construction in one of the most antagonistic labor markets in the country.

The fact is that Mr. Trump is not the ogre that the bullies seem to have more or less successfully cast him as.  He’s a braggart, has a huge ego and I would not want him as a boss from everything I’ve ever seen about him.  Still I’ve never seen the kind things that are coming out of the Clinton machine and the  rest of the Democrats.  Mr. Trump is at least willing to talk and deal first without the arrogance of assuming that he’s the only one who has all the answers.  He may not be the one to straighten out the mess we have right now, but at least he isn’t trying to bully his way into office so that he can milk the country’s downfall for all it’s worth.

It’s time to put the bullies in their place.  Defeating Hillary is more than defeating a Democrat.  It’s making a clear statement that we, Americans will not tolerate bullying, fear and threats as the means to govern ourselves.


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