Is This What A Hillary Administration Would Be Like?

Unable to make a decision and commit even on the smallest issues. IT’S A TWEET, for crying out loud, you don’t need to overthink it. At least most people don’t.

Deep in the thousands of emails released by WikiLeaks, there’s this thread. The subject of the email is “Reacting to the Fight for 15.”

Now, Hillary– being  huge proponent of a higher national minimum wage– shouldn’t have a problem crafting a simple tweet on that issue. After all, what you believe flows from your heart, does it not?

As it turns out, it took 12 staffers roughly 12 hours to come up with this tweet. Ten drafts later, magic!

This is how long it took Hillary’s geniuses to craft that tweet. I tried to grab all of the screenshots, but GOODNESS it’s long. You can always read the entire thread here too.

It Took 12 Staffers, 10 Drafts And 12 Hours For Hillary Clinton To Provide One Tweet On Minimum Wage

There area couple of things that are interesting about this.  One is the nonpresence of Hillary herself, at any point in the process.  Two, the time delay, for something that is nonsense.  The people here, who will presumably be high officials in a Hillary Administration seem to be unable to commit to a decision.  That’s OK for a tweet.  Suppose though that this was an evolving crisis, with triggers being pulled and shots going back and forth.  In times like that you need to be able to commit.  Which these people can’t seem to do.

Of course you can see this over and over throughout Hillary’s career.  With consequences up to and including people dying here in the US and abroad.  Hillary has a long history of dithering and then making the impulsive decision because she loses temper that ends badly.  Think Waco. Or Benghazi.  She’s demonstrated time and again that when the 3:00 Am call comes in, the response won’t be until 3:00 PM the next day.

Considering the potential for turmoil in the economy and abroad developing, can the country afford at least four more years of a President who cannot make rapid decisions?  A President who, when they do make decisions casts them in stone and doesn’t change in response to evolving events.  We’ve had too much of that already.

The Military has  an acronym for making decisions. That acronym is OODA, which stands for, Observe, Orient, Decide, Acct.  Usually the way it works is a loop where the action is observed and starts the process over.

It’s typically known that the one who can get inside their opponents OODA loop wins.  Which means that an institution with a long OODA process inevitably becomes meat on somebody else’s table.  Here we have clear evidence that a Hillary Administration’s OODA loop is far too long to accomplish the tasks that it may be required to perform.

One problem is that a Hillary Administration would be the servant of a lot of masters.  A prospective Hillary Administration has to be constantly worried about offending a constituency or worse, a patron.  The Administration has to dither and focus group everything because it has to be very sensitive to the needs of the various parties that have claims on it for one reason or another.  All those donations and speeches have a price attached and a Hillary Administration and the Democrat machine cannot afford to forget that. Yet on the other hand they cannot forget the American people, who they must ensure that they deflect, dazzle  or bamboozle enough that the Administration  can count on at least the people’s compliance if not outright support.

Which makes the screams and yells at the FBI for not telling the campaign that the FBI had new evidence.  I’m not sure why they expected the FBI to tell anybody the details of an investigation.  As far as I know it’s not law enforcement SOP to reveal anything until an indictment.  The long time for a response and the lack of a coherent response is typical of an institution that can’t adapt or think on it’s feet.

This means that a Hillary Administration’s OODA is always going to SNAFU and unable to respond to a chaotic and changing world.  We’ve seen how Hillary’s people act and respond to even the smallest crisis in the WikiLeaks emails.  There’s very little likelihood that the team will suddenly acquire competence once it becomes an Administration.  Which will not be good for the country going forward.



  1. Sam L. · October 31, 2016

    The buffalo won’t stampede until all the sub-committes are in agreement.


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