Who and Why?

The big problem we have right now is that the elites are still stuck in the 20th Century “mass everything” mindset in a world where digital technologies have mad individual everything possible. So the powers that be are constantly running behind and trying to force people to wait while they impossibly try to catch up or even worse try to turn the clock backward. Which only ends in misery all around.

According To Hoyt

*A note to say that it was definitely the anti-histamine.  24 hours after the “time of effect” I could write again for the first time in months.  Of course, the plot immediately complicated.  Oh, what tangled web we weave when our characters don’t ask permission to go off the reservation.  Eh. SAH*

My mom, who is considerably paler than I am, who has green-hazel eyes and who, in her pre-coloring days, had hair of a pale walnut brown, came to dressing and buying me make up by a simple process: she knew what worked on HER.  And therefore the exact same thing must work on me.  Am I not her daughter?

Since she made most of my clothes until I got married, I was usually dressed in the wrong colors and with the wrong sort of cut.  (Mom is one of those women all boobs, no hips.  I used to…

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