Making It Real –As They Live And Breathe

I’ve seen too many things where everybody in the story is “just like us” with only the setting changed. Yet how people lived and what the places they lived in were like forms important pats of the way they think. Consider slavery. We think of it as absolutely wrong. A Greek in the Bronze age? Maybe not so much even if they were a slave.

Mad Genius Club

Sorry this is late.  I just woke up late after date-night with husband.  I think it’s part of the changes of this second-maturity that we have to figure out ways to relate to each other again.  Being that we’re both workaholics, we’d never actually see each other, if we didn’t make it a point to take time off together.  So, date night once or twice a week.  It usually involves walking in the park, or going to a museum.  Might or might not involve dinner, but involves going somewhere that serves coffee and tea.  And talking plots, because we’re workaholics and Dan is going to Nanowrimo.

Anyway… so.  Characters and how to make them real.

I’ll start by saying that I’m the least qualified person to teach you this, so if you don’t get some things, you should go ahead and ask, or say it’s somewhat different for other people.

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