Salvaging the Unsalvageable: HFCs and the UN Climate Change Fiasco

I’ve always thought that the Montreal protocol was completely bogus. Any back of the napkin analysis and knowledge of chemistry tells you that the claimed effects of CFCs and how much of that magic gas Chlorine was around would tell you that the stuff was bogus.

Watts Up With That?

Guest opinion: Dr. Tim Ball

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to deceive!”

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)

Support for the global warming/climate change agenda is becoming increasingly desperate, hysterical, and illogical. The causes are many, but chief among them are a plethora of contradictory evidence and growing public skepticism or at least disinterest. There are bizarre parallels to the Frankenstein and Dracula stories. The monster of anthropogenic global warming (AGW) collapses as it turns on the scientists who created it. Dracula needed the energy of blood but knew the dangers of exposure to sunlight. The IPCC failure to consider the Sun is a similar exposure and is causing their demise.

The latest desperate move involves the agreement on the reduction of Hydrofluorocarbons (HFC). The Paris Climate Agreement is disintegrating for a variety of reasons all of them inherent in the science and politics from the…

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  1. JP Kalishek · October 22, 2016

    It was another case of follow the money. Dupont was no longer collecting royalties from patents on Freon, and came up with new “green versions” that were actually greater greenhouse agents, and much more poisonous, especially when around combustion (conveniently skipped over facts, Hey, lets put it in cars!). Also the great intertubes inventor AlGore had Dupont connections and it was profitable for him to have Freon banned, and the replacements mandated. Imagine the screams from the leftoids if Al was some conservative.
    Now, I deal with Fluorocarbons in my line of work, and we are mandated, by the EPA, to use C6 chains and lower,
    Oh, and we must re-register the products with the EPA . . . at around $1,000,000 per product. Oh, and the waste stream cannot be recycled any longer. See it comes from iodide solutions and the waste is still very high in iodine and other expensive rare earths, as well as a bit of the CFC, so we sold it to two companies who pulled these out of the waste water and reused the stuff.
    But, because the EPA says that if heated too high the CFCs become the PFOAs that attacks the ozone. we cannot recycle the dangerous and less dangerous but expensive and rare, and, in a fit of brilliance, must instead incinerate it.
    Heat it, in other words.
    Yep. We are ordered to Burn Water.


    • jccarlton · October 22, 2016

      That’s the weird world we live in now. I have been convinced that 90% of regulation is based on hokum and stuff that somebody just made up so that it sounded good and that all too frequently actually make things MORE hazardous.


      • JP Kalishek · October 22, 2016

        yeah. Ever see and old mechanic check for R12 and R22 refrigerant leaks using a hose and a propane torch? The flame turns green when the freon leak is found. Doing so with 134a or the household use versions (forget the numbering and names of that crap) and you will be poisoned. It forms a nerve agent.


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