An Aircraft Carrier In Drydock



The US Navy’s large nuclear carriers need to be refueled at an interval of about every ten to fifteen years. Since refueling is an involved process requiring the removal a significant amount of deck plating the ship typically undergoes a complete overhaul at the same time.  This takes about a year and means that the ship and it’s crew are placed into living  a different kind of life while the ship occupies the drydock.

The Massive Work That Goes Into Remodeling an Old Aircraft Carrier

The US Navy has made this wonderful documentary of the USS Nimitz in drydock while undergoing the ROH process. This is a big project for a big ship. This is not a refueling overhaul, which typically done at Newport News, still it’s a year of refit and rebuilding.


This apparently the Navy’s 241’st Birthday.  The navy has been the bulwark between we the people and a world that hasn’t always been friendly or safe.  The Navy has been the force that has also the first responders when trouble natural or manmade strikes, not just for Americans but also for those who need help that nobody else can provide. this documentary was apparently made in 2011 after the Japan Tsunami and sure enough, the Navy was there.  It’s important to remember the hard work and dedication that this documentary shows and how important that work can be.  Also it’s important, especially in these times that the people out there are people and not objects to be put in harm’s way for anything other than the most important reasons.

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