Hillary Admits Putin Is Funding Anti-Fracking Groups

Surprise, the corrupt people with vested interests are going to use our openness against us. This has been going on for a long time. This stuff needs as much light shown on it as possible.


By Paul Homewood



Dellers writes for Breitbart:

Hillary Clinton has confirmed what green activists have long indignantly denied: the big money behind many anti-fracking campaigns comes from Putin’s Russia.

She admitted this in a private speech on June 18, 2014 which has just been published on Wikileaks.


This is the first semi-official confirmation of Russia’s sponsorship of the vast, influential and obscenely well-funded anti-fracking industry.

As we reported at Breitbart last year, a lot of the Russian money appears to have been funnelled through a shadowy Bermuda-registered company called Klein Ltd, whose directors have strong connections with the Russian government. Over just two years it paid $23 million to the aggressively environmentalist Sea Change Foundation, which in turn distributed the money among smaller organizations.

I also brought it up two years earlier for an interview featured in Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney’s movie FrackNation. We were laughed at…

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