Chardonnay or Beer

It’s interesting that the worse things get the better the stories and books get. At least from the beer money writers. The Chardonnay set keep putting the same dreck about hopelessness and misery whatever the times are like.

Mad Genius Club

Now, there are some very posh and expensive wines which remind me of cats wee (at least by smell. I don’t think I have tasted that, unless that was what was in the glass). Not everyone shares my opinion, and quite a lot more people pretend not to. It’s best ‘enjoyed’ with fish, because fish often comes with a piece of lemon, and if you suck the lemon first it does wonders for the taste, if nothing for the smell.  It’s considered really bad manners to plug your nose with pieces of the fish, but sometimes a lack of couth is worth it.

Some of us have beer tastes, on a beer budget, which is a good thing.

When things at home are soft, safe, comfortable, and let’s face it, a little boring – nice (safe) tours of foreign places and their problems are cool. Armchair touring – via a…

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