“I want to emphasize even in the modern era, running a household and raising children is a full time job. It is a job we devalue to our own detriment. All societies who outsourced child rearing to low-status paid employees collapsed shortly thereafter. And none did it on the universal scale we do.”
The feminist movement has done so much to destroy the traditional value of motherhood that the country is in deep trouble. Yet, the upper crust is the only class left where mothers can be mother and don’t have to work at something else. I’m not sure if this was by design or just a consequence of the inflation and taxes of the 1970’s but the harm done to the family has been deep and may be irretrievable.

According To Hoyt

Where do our ideas of how the world works come from?

I recently re-read The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie and realized that the reason it was one of my very favorites growing up is that I could have stood in for the main character, Megan Hunter, at that age.

She’s a rather unfortunate girl caught between childhood and womanhood, and in a way both being refused the right to advance into womanhood (her family seems to think she’s about 10) and refusing to advance to womanhood (she refuses to admit that people might evaluate her AT ALL by the way she looks.  So she dresses as badly as possible, slouching about in old not very well kept clothes.  I suspect like me at 16 or 17 Megan believed that her “prince” would see through all that.  Of course in the book he does, though he doesn’t realize he does…

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