Thank You Microsoft, Not

I was unable to post anything for today because MS started a major update that ran all day and crashed.  So no computer with access to the interwebs and I just played Alpha Centauri all day. Love that old game.  Oh, the suffering.

No job stuff because lately there hasn’t really been anything new or good.  I think I’m going to make Job Stuff biweekly or even monthly unless something changes.


One comment

  1. tovokas · October 4, 2016

    Strangely, my wife had me dig Alpha Centauri out of the crypt on Saturday (actually I remembered I had purchased it previously from for the convenience factor) and she had a merry evening completing a session. Still a great game. (And sorry about your 10 upgrade woes, it went smoothly on all our machines, and I’ve actually been pretty pleased with how reliably everything is working.)


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