Keeping it in the family

I think that the reason that there are fewer stories with families in them is that so many of the “people in charge” are more into alternative lifestyles rather social stability.

Mad Genius Club

Keeping it in the family… No, I wasn’t actually referring to the ancient Egyptian nobility’s tradition of marrying their own daughters. They often say genetics is nature’s revenge on parents, and in this I imagine they considerably increased their chances of genetic problems. No, I was referring to the familial saga.

It’s an interesting little branch of sf and fantasy, and fiction in general, and politics (which has a lot in common with Fantasy – although given some of the antics you start wondering about this inbreeding – and if this is a ‘Game of Thrones’ reality show with no likable characters allowed to survive.)

I was thinking about this as a result of a comment from a reader – plainly someone (like me) to whom family is important. After all: we like to read books about things that are important to us, with characters that we can at least…

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