Bunkering Up In The Middle Of A City Is A Bad Idea

Apparently the rent seeking wealthy of LA are building bunkers.



As I’ve said before, this is not the sort of gamble that I would make.


What’s amazing to me is that the wealthy, but not very intelligent people having these bunkers built for them don’t understand is that if things get bad enough that they NEED the bunkers, the bunkers aren’t going to help them very much.  At least not for very long. All the designs in the article seem more driven toward maintaining a standard of living rather than living to survive. This is a case in point:

A garage full of luxury cars is more than a little useless.  Those expensive cars are going to be rather useless simply because of the amount of resources required to keep them running.  Especially logistics related things like fuel and oil. If things get bad enough that everything shuts down, then deliveries are going to stop, especially to places like Napa CA.  All it’s going to take is a couple of armed BLM roadblocks and it’s going to get ugly fast.  There’s also no point in trying to grow food, if, A. you’ve never done it before, and B. the power you are relying on to light the underground garden is reliant on a rapidly diminishing supply of fuel.  As for the game room and swimming pool, well those are useless. The swimming pool water can’t even be used as potable if it has pool chemicals in it and if it doesn’t the water is going to get ugly quickly. Standing, open water is not a good way to keep water drinkable and disease free.

These bunkers are the result of narcissists who are afraid to face the consequences of the actions they have taken and the world they tried to create. Unlike the revolutionaries of the early 20th Century these people don’t have the courage to put themselves on the barricades. Instead they naively believe that they  can hide away as the SHTF and hope that somebody, anybody, will return things to normal.

The problem with that is that the people who are going to get things going are the same people that these narcissistic cowards have spent a great deal of effort attempting to disparage and destroy for decades now. And we know them for what they are. We also know what place we have in their utopia.


I don’t think that the people that build these hideaways really understand just how little patience the people trying to put things back will have with them when they emerge.  They won’t understand that their money will, more than likely, be worthless, as will all their pretty toys, except as curiosities.  The people who build these bunkers don’t understand that the things that they think are valuable, only have that value in the culture that they work so hard to destroy. More than likely the new culture that replaces it won’t see the posturing and fakery the same way and won’t care very much about old sports jerseys from long dead stars that nobody has time to remember anyway.

If the people that are building these bunkers were able to think about what they were doing, they would have known enough to leave the “Sons of Martha” types alone. Their malignant narcissism wouldn’t let them do that.  If everything did not revolve around them, they were compelled to destroy it.  Since they were incapable of building anything, as far as they were concerned, nobody else should either. In places like California, New York and Connecticut by and large these people have made it impossible for anybody to build or fix the things needed to maintain the society in which we all live.  Seemingly just out a petty narrow need to prove their own self importance.

These people need to read their Kipling.  Along with Heinlein and a bunch of others.  They won’t of course.  The best they can hope for is that things don’t go the way they are trying so hard to make them go.  Because if the crap really does fly through the fan, what skills can they bring to the table if the need for a pretty face on a flickering screen or dead connections don’t matter anymore.  If they are so worried that they will need bunkers perhaps they need to change what they are making such a contribution to.  That, of course, would be admitting that they were wrong, something that a narcissist cannot do even if the world comes apart. Better to build a pointless bunker than admit your mistakes.  it would be truly pathetic if the rest of us, who don’t have bunkers, didn’t have to live with the cosequences.



  1. penneyvanderbilt · October 2, 2016

    Reblogged this on KCJones.


  2. JP Kalishek · October 2, 2016

    Well, given they voted in what is causing them to feel the need for their “safe spaces” I can see them being stupid enough to think this will suffice. They are also likely relying on those hated Sons of Martha to come save their asses before they actually need the garden or what ever food they have runs out. Mommy Gov’t will surely save them first.


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