Election Reset, by The Man

The fact is that country can’t afford any more empty suits.


People don’t trust Clinton, probably because she’s a congenital liar and has proven herself untrustworthy a multitude of times. It may well cost her the election. From The Zman on a guest post at theburningplatform.com:

We had the great debate and my guess is nothing much changed from 24 hours ago. This election has always been about finding a reasonable alternative to Hillary Clinton, someone a large majority of Americans don’t like very much. One of the oldest rules of politics is that a well known, well established candidate polling below 50% is in trouble. Often, an incumbent that is in such a spot gets a primary challenger as his own party smells weakness, so a young gun is sent in to finish him off in the primary.

The one thing the sissy boys of Official Conservatism™ probably got right about this election thus far is that the other choices…

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