Understanding the world we are in

Do we live in an Orwellian world now? It would appear that the media has become an agent of the ministry of truth even in Australia

Law of Markets

The original post on The Flight 93 Election was exceptional, and if you haven’t read it yet, you should read it now. The writer, who goes under the pseudonym Publius Decius Mus, has written a follow-up which is even better. Because of the wide circulation of the original, it attracted an immense amount of criticism from all the right sorts of people. He titles his follow-up, Restatement on Flight 93 in which he picks up the various criticisms of the first article and replies to them one by one in ascending order of importance. This is where the second article leads, but all of it should be read:

If Hillary wins, there will still be a country, in the sense of a geographic territory with a people, a government, and various institutions. Things will mostly look the same, just as—outwardly—Rome changed little on the ascension of Augustus. It will not…

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