Time is running out

The problem will be that following the “code” in this book will be like following all the othe books that tell you the perfect formula for a best seller, the formula writing. A real beest seller happens because it is a surprise, something new and unique that attracts the readers attention and grabes enough of them to create sales. All the analysis of books from the past will never tell you soemthing about surprise, becuse surprise is not in the past, but the future. All this book will produce is more surprise free books based on past performance, something the publishing industry has far too much of already.

Mad Genius Club

No, no, not in that way. It’s just that my schedule for the week just got turned completely on its head. Everything I had planned for the next five days — writing, errands, appointments, sleep — now must be condensed into 24 hours. The reason is one I wouldn’t trade. My son is coming home on leave and he will be here longer than we first thought. But, as almost any parent with a parent in the military will tell you, when they can come home, you push everything else aside.

But time is also running out for publishers who keep clinging to the old business practices that no longer work in today’s world of e-books, Amazon and indie publishing. There are some in the industry who have at least an inkling of this and others who are grasping at straws in order to find a way to help their…

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