The Steve Jobs Myth – D. Jason Fleming

Genius can’t be faked. And being an asshole can get you in the end, like it did Jobs. There’s also the fact that, whatever his Marketing skills, Jobs never invented anything, first having the advantage of the very Aspie Woz and then being able buy or steal the user interface from Xerox and then buy the rest of it. Treating people as “moist robots” is going to work for a while until people realize that they don’t HAVE to put up with crappy service any more.

According To Hoyt

The Steve Jobs Myth – D. Jason Fleming

Steve Jobs is often held up as something of a modern hero. The man was undeniably a genius. And he did a lot of good in his quest to “change the world”.

However, he also had two problems, and one of them might do nearly as much damage to the world as he did good.

The first problem was that his genius caused people to excuse his a-hole tendencies, and he exploited that to the fullest. (He also had a massive charismatic effect on people which he used ruthlessly, the so-called “Jobs Reality Distortion Field”.)

The second problem follows from the first: People everywhere are always looking for The Easy Answer. Jobs presents two paths to worldwide fame and riches: Be a genius, or be an a-hole.

Guess which one is easier. Take as many guesses as you need. I’ll wait.


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