The Issue That Will Not Go Away, Hillary’s Health

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton had an obvious collapse at the 9/11 memorial ceremony.  She was taken away but video was taken of her collapsing as she was being put into her van.


What’s interesting to me is how practiced this all is.  Hillary is left standing at the bollard until the van shows up and the staff all crowds in in practiced movement to maneuver Hillary into to the van.  All through this we see no reaction from Hillary at all.  For all the activity going on around her, including people on the street, she might as been a mannequin.  What this says about her instincts as a politician is interesting.  I can’t think of a politician who would not react to a crowd in public.  So there’s more here than just a video.  This doctor thinks he knows what’s going on.

Now Dr, Noel is an anesthesiologist, not a Neurologist.  Nor does he have access to Hillary’s medical records.  On the other hand he did take a scientific approach to the problem and consult with people more experienced with Parkinson’s disease.  It looks to me as if he is trying to discover the real truth based on the limited information at hand.

#HillarysHealth: Clinton Diagnosed With Pneumonia, Cancels Trip to California

How Sick Is Hillary?

Here’s a long and fairly detailed article making an attempt to understand what we are seeing.

Last month I posted about Hillary’s health.

Two things keep arising out of the pictures and videos, along with the long term exposure we have had with the Clintons.  One is that once you start seeing the health issues the further back the issues go.  This isn’t a recent illness, like a form of pneumonia. The issues that people are raising go a long way back.  That’s reinforced by how Hillary’s team behaves in public and the obvious practice they have doing that.  And how even the Secret Service is willing to let the usual procedures slide in order to deal with the health issues.  I don’t think that the Secret Service would have propped Hillary up on that bollard even though they do make convenient rest spots.  I’ve used them for exactly that on my NYC walkabouts.  They obviously thought that the alternative options were WORSE than the bollard.  After all, how hard would it be to find a bench to sit on in a park?  That might though, have revealed things that we the people were not supposed to see.  Or once Hillary sat down, there may have been a good chance that she might not have been able to get up under her own power, in public.  Better to prop her up on the bollard. Here’s a Google map of the area around West St where she was picked up.,-74.0139669,3a,66.2y,211.23h,87.34t/data=!3m8!1e1!3m6!1s-qk9o-0P802I%2FVfTYcy39SpI%2FAAAAAAAAvRI%2F12RYLDNmEQQ3FwAYzHcv0-JvZ7B0aUH2ACLIB!2e4!3e11!!7i8704!8i4352!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf4ba617cb0ddc07!8m2!3d40.7131919!4d-74.0159125!6m1!1e1

Of course the ultimate source of the illness is the unrelenting desire for power and the abuse of same.  It’s likely that all of the things we see vis a vis Hillary’s health are the result of living a life of lies in one form or another.  Especially when drugs are used to cover one thing or anther up and keep up appearances.  The Clinton’s may have been able to keep up that sort of thing back in the 1990’s, but they are twenty years older now, and it shows.   Still the drive for ever more power, ever more connections and money will not let them stop.  At this point Hillary MUST win the presidency, or die trying.  It looks as if “die trying” may just be in the range of possibilities.

Yet another doctor weighs in.




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