Planning It All Out

Central planning relies on the surprise free economy. The problem is that a working economy is all about surprises. That’s why the entrepreneur can function and a state planner cannot. A state run bureaucracy can’t deal with surprise when the inevitable hiccups show up. Back when I was in college UB used to get all the Soviet English language magazines. One of those was the review magazine for Soviet film and on review was for a movie I think called “Mainlines” where a train wreck is caused by a oil refinery getting an extra train, something that would give an American railroad no trouble at all, and that extra train causing a wreck. This was the logic of the old Soviet Union.

According To Hoyt

I’m away from home at an undisclosed location (which will become disclosed in an AAR, but because of the nature of this trip I don’t have time to meet with any fans, and I don’t want to offend anyone.  Maybe another time) and as we boarded the plane yesterday I thought how impossible this type of trip — including the stuff in the airport like concession stands — would be to plan out, if you were some kind of a central planner.

We flew across the country whisked from a plane to another plane (with the second flight rebooked as the first was very late, before we even landed.)  At the end of it, there was a hotel room waiting.  We were rarely left at loose ends.

And I thought “Man this would be a b*tch to plan from the top down.” I mean, two months ago, I didn’t even…

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