The Sweat of our Brow

I think that the reason that Socialism and all the other ‘isms are created from Romantic thought is that only those separated from strife could actually believe that any of that would actually work. Of course the consequences are still more strife on the poor victims of the Romantic dreams.

According To Hoyt

Hamlet says we are born to die.  Heinlein says we are born to strife.  Both are right of course, and in a way accepting both of these things is the path out of a lot of our cultural quandries.

We were talking about Welfare in its many forms and what it does to people.  It started with discussions of writers and artists who use their “minority” or “underprivileged” status (most of them are actually from very privileged backgrounds, having grown up wealthy beyond the dreams of most of us, and wouldn’t know adversity if it bit them in the *ss) to advance fasters, or to advance at all (depending on talent) in a field where others have to work for years or decades for any recognition.

Because I could have used that path, I studied it.  My friends were mostly concerned with the fact these people are taking the place…

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