The Kiss of Death

This third one in a row of good stuff. Thanks Sarah. What happens when industries die? It happens slow and all too often the people in the middle never see what’s coming. They go on doing the same thing they always did as shop after shop closes the doors. Traditional publishing has been on this path that I’ve seen, watching from the sidelines, since the mid 1990’s, long before ebooks. Bit by bit they’ve been cutting back and killing backlists and then wondering where the customers went.

According To Hoyt

As someone who is now past fifty, I have like many of you been witness to lingering deaths.  In fact, thanks to modern medicine most deaths are now lingering deaths.  Even when the tumor/disease is found too late and we’re assured the person is not long for this world, the death drags on.  Actually for a while it often seems as though it’s not death at all, as though the person will recover, as though everything is going to be fine.

Death, the final process, the final blow, tends to happen in a devastating, sudden conflagration so that even if the person had been dying for years, you truly don’t expect it. So it’s a shock, even when it isn’t.

Institutions and industries, particularly those that have been helpful and useful for years have the same “death process” at least from everything I can discover in history.

Let’s say something…

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