A Wally for me!

Dave Freer Gets a Wally and Fisks poor Damien. Who’s getting beat around a lot this week.

Mad Genius Club

roydon - dive boat

A picture of a good day, just because I am feeling cheerful and it’s not London, but Flinders Island on a good day. This is our dive boat, and the model for the dive boat in Changeling’s Island.

And what happens after the war….

Because there always is after the war.

This post will be all over the place, and quite possibly fairly silly. Yes, I know, that is SO unusual for me. It’s almost as if I said there was gambling in Rick’s Casino.

I’ve been, shall we say a little tense. My wife had her follow-up colonoscopy a few hours ago (some of you may know that she had bowel cancer a while back, picked up (Thank God for the Australian screening system) early and treated. Of course one never knows how successful or final this is, so there are regular follow-ups. A colonoscopy involves prep and trust…

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