The IRS Phone Scam

We got another variation in the deluge of scam and spam calls today.  I mean it’s getting so bad that nobody doing legitimate business should even think of doing it over the phone unless the customer calls YOU.  The variation of the day was the IRS phone scam.  Here’s a video of essentially the same message that we got.


Here’s the IRS’s page about the scam.

This guy has some fun with the scammers.

First of all the IRS doesn’t call or Email.  Second of all the IRS does not use lawsuits for collection.  And it’s unlikely that the IRS call centers would have somebody with that deep an accent.  They didn’t ask for an account number and they didn’t reference specific tax data.  And the IRS doesn’t deal in cash. The scam is rather obvious.  The sad thing is that it works.

Here’s another one.

This one is more serious, though even the narrator has trouble not laughing. Well that’s what you get when you are talking to a police officer and they tell you that repeatedly.

Call the IRS  1-800-366-4484.  Better yet email the IRS at  Even better, if you do call back, record the call.  Above all, don’t be a vegetable. Especially to these idiots.

I wonder what’s going to happen to these people when their protection goes away as India enters the world economy.  In any case whatever happens to them will only be a good thing.



  1. wheels · August 24, 2016

    I just got one of those calls yesterday. My phone identified it as coming from Egypt, and a synthesized voice left the message.


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