The Dragon Awards And The Puppy Kickers.

I’ve been staying out of the Dragon Awards because I haven’t had the funds to buy new books this year and I didn’t want to nominate books that I had not read simply because I was fans or friend of the author.  I am glad that Dave Weber, Dave Freer, Larry Corriea, Eric Flint, John Wright and other great people I’ve come to know were nominated.  Over all the noms look solid. What makes the Dragon Awards different?  Attitude!!! This is the attitude of the Dragon organizers.

This weekend I was at LibertyCon, and I ran into one of the organizers of the Dragon Awards. He said that he was kind of surprised that he hadn’t seen me talk about them online much. I told him that was because of Sad Puppies, I’m a controversial figure, there are just too many bitter harpies and poo flingers from fandom’s inbred pustulent under-choad who automatically flip out about anything I do, so I didn’t want to rock the boat for them.

But his response? Screw that. This award is for ALL FANS. And you have fans. So GO BUG THEM! We want so many people voting in this thing that no little clique or faction can sway it. The more fans involved, the better.

(an attitude that demonstrates why DragonCon is awesome)

There is no *gasp that outsider author dared to talk to his enthusiastic fans rather than suck up to our cliques discreetly* nonsense. Come to the Dragon Award and fly your wrongfan flag proud.

So if you’ve not already, go click that link and nominate your favorite things. Let’s flood this sucker! Tell your friends. Share the link. Spread the word. This award isn’t for a small clique to take turns telling each other how brilliant they are. This award is for all of fandom to celebrate what they think is great.


WRONGFANS UNITE! Only a week left to nominate for the Dragon Awards

Now the high reputation Gawker media site, io9 has come out and said that the Sad Puppies were not a presence in the Dragon noms.  Seriously?  Jus look at the stuff nominated.  Never mind the fact that the organizers were pigeonholing Larry, Brad and other Puppy leaders and encouraging them to organize for the awards.  Never mind that Puppy authors and favorites are all over the noms.  Of course all the noms aren’t Puppy choices.  That’s the point.  The fact that these awards ARE diverse shows that the Hugos are not.  Here’s the io9 article.

Of course the io9 puppy kickers commenters were their usual erudite and civilized selves.

That’s it, we need to shove our own io9 slate for this. I propose we call it the ‘Sad Bastards’ slate to properly give internet commentators the respect they deserve.

Can’t these stupid puppy assholes be euthanized or something like unclaimed strays at the pound? The fact that sci-fi and fantasy conventions have to create a new set of awards because the genre’s most prestigious and well respected award organization have been ruined by xenophobic idiots and people who don’t understand the progressive nature of science fiction’s foundation shit their pants every time they don’t get their way is dispiriting to fans of the genre at large. If these assholes had their way, Uhura would have been played by Donna Reed and Star Trek would have never been the game changer it was in the 60s.

suspect DragonCon would have eventually created awards even if it wasn’t for the Puppies showing how they aren’t housebroken all over the Hugos. They’re really positioning themselves to eclipse WorldCon as the premier SFF con, putting on an awards show was really one of their last needed moves.


This comment is actually fairly reasonable:

Really wish you’d have spent more time explaining the process here, which was open to any member of the public to nominate someone until recently, and is now open to any member of the public to vote for the nominees until August 28th.

Doesn’t look like there was any sort of ‘compromise’ at all; a quick Google search doesn’t show any interest by either Puppy group in this award save for the Sad Puppies reusing their Hugo recommendations. From what I can tell, there’s no real story here besides either the nominations themselves or that neither group cared enough to jump in.

And while I’ve not paid attention to this whole kerfuffle for a while, it seems a bit unfair to keep linking the Sad Puppies with the Rabids in slating. I was surprised to find out that for the Hugos, the Sads had opened up their process this year in a way that made their suggestions entirely democratic – the works that get the most votes get recommended, and it produced pretty reasonable results like Uprooted. As best as I could tell, it’s no different than the way other groups provide recommendations for members.

The Rabids remain a real problem, but it seems a bit unreasonable to keep linking both groups like this, especially when it comes to voting.


And this one is just sad for SF:

Does WorldCon still exist?!

For most of my life WorldCon was a big deal.  Now it’s if it doesn’t even matter.  That’s the end of the story for the old organized Fandom.

Brian Niemeier does a better job of line by line fisk, so just look here.

He refers back to Larry here.

Son of the Black Sword is a Finalist for the Dragon Award

More Larry, because he is so good when he’s pissed.

Since the Dragon awards are an actual inclusive award for all of fandom, and not an insular closed circle jerk of like minded friends taking turns giving each other awards, why would we?

When I started Sad Puppies the Hugos “represented all of fandom”, I said no they don’t, they only represent one tiny, politically biased group, and people like this called me a liar (I believe it was io9 that hailed 14 white liberals and 1 Asian liberal winning Hugos as a Victory of Diversity). Until after a couple of years of us getting Wrongfun on the ballot, then they shifted gears and the Hugos became “their special precious thing which belongs only to their special group”. Which is what I said it was all along. Go figure.
So places like io9 and Entertainment Weekly called us sexist/racists and our secret goal was to keep women and minorities out of sci-fi (which considering our nominees means we were really bad at it). This culminated in a boondoggle of the Hugos handing out wooden assholes, and No Awarding all the Wrongfan favorites–regardless of whether they were worthy or not–to send a message. And that message was Keep Out You Are Not Welcome In Our Club.
Once we firmly established that they were full of shit and the Chorfs abandoned the narrative that the Hugos represented All of Fandom, they started telling Wrongfan that we should go start our own awards. Inevitably somebody said okay.
So along comes an a new big fan award, from a giant thriving convention, so there can be an actual fan award representing all of fandom again. Then the nominees, shockingly enough, featured a bunch of popular things that fans like. Most people rejoiced, while Chorfs got butt hurt, because they hate when people have fun wrong.
Larry did make one mistake. He said that the author of the io9 piece made the euthanize puppy remark when it was a commenter.
 The fact is that the Puppy Kicker will never be satisfied.  There is nothing any Puppy or anybody who just wants good readable SF can say or do to appease them short of leaving the scene permanently. The stupid crap and outrageous behavior will not stop until  that happens even if WorldCon and the Hugo Awards are destroyed in the process. It’s easy to think that Vox wants to destroy the Hugos.  It’s going to be the Kicker establishment that actually does and then dances happily in the ruins while the rest of us look on in pity.  I will just leave this fat lady singing for the Hugos.



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