2016 Snapshot: Dave Freer

Great interview of Dave Freer.

Australian SF Snapshot Project

Interview by Elizabeth Fitzgerald.

aheadshotDave Freer is the author of more books than he has fingers and toes to count them on. Some of them blundered onto the Wall Street Journal and Locus bestseller lists before respectable novels got together in a body and threw them back in the gutter where they belong.  Freer originally trained as an Ichthyologist, working for fisheries as the Chief Scientist on the Commercial Shark Fishery in the Western Cape (South Africa) but was tricked into writing by being told the hours were better, the meals more regular and the spelling requirements easier. They lied on all counts, but Freer is gullible. That’s why he has spent an inordinate amount of time clinging to cliffs by his fingertips, wondering when he’s going to fall to a sticky death, or arm-wrestling rock lobster in narrow underwater caves in a ‘who-gets-to-eat-who’ contest. If there is some job…

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