When You Are Looking For Help The Last Thing You Need Is Hostility

I had a bad experience that I want to talk about.  It’s no secret to readers here that I have been out of work for a long time.  Or that by no means am I the only one.  I’m typically skeptical of government supported programs.  A friend though, suggested that I apply to a program that he said was a good of fit, this one.


When I looked at the webpage there was very little to explain what the program did and just the video above and some others.  There was a big apply button and any port in a storm, I thought. Any way I got an email from a L.A. at platform to employment.  I called and to say the call was lacking in empathy, professionalism or understanding is putting it mildly.  Look this program is for people like me who may need help looking for work.  If we want harsh questions, like “you applied at 40 places and don’t have a job” or “what have you been doing while you were out of work,” I can just talk to HR people or recruiters. I’m looking for help in the best way to answer myself and sell myself better, not aggressive hostility right out the bat.  On the one hand you get sympathy and empathy  on the TV and people getting hired and on the other hand you meet the same old reality of prejudice, discrimination, rejection and purple squirrel chasing that most of us long term job searchers have become all too familiar with.

Now after that very hostile and unprofessional phone call I called the office and talked ot a manager, which ended with my resume being reviewed and me possibly entering the program, though, at this point I’m not sure that I want anything to do with.  After all if what I’m going to get is more of the same that I have been getting, what’s the point.  If it takes complaining  about the hostile employee to get a fair hearing I wonder about all the other people who got rejected by that woman.  This program is paid for with CT tax dollars and if they advertise that they will help people, then they cannot go around and treat people like garbage.  And then hang up on them.  Making that second call should have been unnecessary.  If this program wants to continue with the ever shrinking available  tax dollars it needs to demonstrate that everybody who applies get’s a fair shot and at least a little help, even if they are not accepted for the long five week class.  The state of CT doesn’t need another feel good program that creates makework.  The jobs and the work need to be real or the whole thing is a waste of time.  Beating people up who are looking for help comes under the term, “not helping.”  CT can’t afford programs that don’t help.

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  1. Micha Elyi · August 6, 2016

    Government bureaucrats are there to eat out your substance; not help you but to help themselves to you.


  2. Rich Vail · August 6, 2016

    Government programs aren’t really meant to “help’ you…they’re meant to give someone a job. It’s an oxymoron to say the “I’m here from the government, and I’m here to help…” They’re not.


  3. Merthin · August 6, 2016

    People keep voting for more government. Here it is.

    Here’s your sign.


  4. brotherStefan · August 6, 2016

    An honest question to the author…
    If the employees and staff at ‘platformtoemployment’ were to actually perform their mission for all those applicants who are “Trapped in Unemployment”, what would be left for them to do to continue earning their government paychecks?

    Think about it… if there were valid, good-paying job opportunities available through such government agencies, would you not expect a high employee turnover rate among the counselors and/or clerks working there?


    • jccarlton · August 7, 2016

      I know. Every government program is like that. Still if they needed new jobs, they are in the right place. Still for a program that’s supposedly just getting started, that first phone call demonstrated a complete lack thinking about who and in what condition the people they would be talking to would be like. Of course I saw the same sort of stuff with rest of it.


  5. Steven S · August 6, 2016

    It’s everywhere. I was laid off so I submitted all the proper forms through the Texas Workforce Commission. Then I received a call from them that my requested salary was too high. I told them that it was the salary that I’d been receiving. This did not impress them, and they refused to deal with my case until I lowered my salary request.

    Just a frickin’ bunch of chair-warming bureaucrats; that’s all that they are.


  6. Mike Skinner · August 7, 2016

    A perfect example of Milton Friedman’s box.

    Unfortunately, you are operating in the worst of the boxes…the bureaucrats are spending someone else’s money on someone else’s needs…no incentive.

    Couldn’t be a better example…


    • jccarlton · August 7, 2016

      The HUGE problem is that it seems like all of recruiting and hiring is in that same box, where the bureaucrats have no incentive to fill active positions. I know of several positions in engineering that have not been filled since I was laid off. Still run ads every month, supposedly lots of engineers laid off, yet they still can’t fill these jobs? There’s something seriously broken with the way things are.


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