The Top YouTube TV Stars

I think it helps to be a cute kid.  It’s helps more to be entertaining. Here’s Forbes list of the top YouTube channel owners late last year.

If you look at successful YouTubers   you can see that they provide two things, character and value.  The good YouTube Channel, will provide you with an entertaining character in front of the camera, whether it’s somebody you can relate to or just a cute kid, and real entertainment or educational value.  Like the cooking show in the article below, the ingredients can be very simple.   Yet that is enough for an aging Chinese man cooking.

Now 7000 odd subscribers isn’t huge, but the channel means something to 7000 people.

For somebody who grew up in the age of three networks, three independents and PBS, the democratization and variety of entertainment is incredible. Who would think that a guy playing with a hydraulic press would be a hit, but entertainment and humor can attack at any time.

That’s the democratization of YouTube.  Of course the Hydraulic Press channel is hardly the only one where the crazy stuff goes down.

Or where the fine art of screwing around goes on.

Of different kinds.


Then there’s the useful stuff, where real experts share what they know in their areas of  expertise, for instance electronics.



Or industrial design.

The best thing about YouTube is that anybody can be a star.  Look at the first videos of any of these channels and well they are usually pretty crappy.  All you need to do is keep being creative and be real.  The next big YouTube star could be you.



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