First Electric Truck? Not Really

Mercedes Benz should check the history files before making claims.

Mercedes-Benz shows off the first fully electric heavy urban transport truck

Electric trucks were quite common back at the turn of the last century. For the exact service that Daimler and Tesla are planning to sell them for.

They went out of style when they could no longer compete with the increased availability of diesel and gas trucks in the 1920’s and 1930’s The short range due to the need to recharge and the weigh of the batteries were the issues. Still you see many electric trucks in old pictures of freight houses and other terminals and companies like breweries that had regular deliveries made heavy use of them. Here’s a blog post of some trick from the early 20th Century.

Of course the electric truck companies are going to have get companies to overcome their sticker shock and not use natural gas vehicles instead.

It’s the lowest purchase and operating costs that have always driven truck purchases and that’s not going to change.

Light- and medium-duty focus: Package Fleets

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