More Space Suit Stuff.

When you post a big post on something it’s almost inevitable that you will get comments that send you to new findings and more stuff.  Since the main space suit post is so huge already I’m going to post more here.

The Evolution of American Spacesuits

A comment sent me to look for the Navy’s MkIV suit.

A space suit book.

Click to access 683215main_DressingAltitude-ebook.pdf




A NYTimes piece about that Smithsonian space show.

Adam Savage has access to a suit from “the Martian”

This is going to be interesting series on tested.

The thread from the RPF.


A space suit poster.

The Evolution of Spacesuits

A good post from tested on the EMU.

The Grumman moon suit.

Some Soviet suits.

Unknown suit test. Looks like  an A series softsuit.

The original space suit post.

That’s it for now on


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