Death by HR: Good-Enough Cogs vs Best Employees

The problem with the cog labor model is that people are not gears and the economy is not a machine. The economy needs to able to adapt to change and by treating the economy like they do the people in charge only make the economy more fragile.

Jeb Kinnison

College Costs Up, Salaries Flat College Costs Up, Salaries Flat

Remember the bucket brigade model of teamwork? It demonstrated that giving a manager the freedom to pick and choose who would be on a team and what they would be paid allowed even those weak in some areas to be employed to complement the strengths of other team members. Taking away that freedom to choose — by imposing minimum wages or labor regulations — resulted in some people being unemployed who might otherwise have done well and gained skills over time.

The cog model of labor, as employed by unionists and government labor laws, sees jobs as slots to be filled by anyone who is “good enough” — who can function at some standardized level in the position. No worker is supposed to do much more than the standard amount of work, and hours are to be regulated by law to prevent abuse of workers…

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