This Is NOT A Gamble I Would Make

This is ultimately a losing hand.  The reality is that the technology and lifestyle we have exists because of the efforts of most of the people making it work.

If there are not victories in the short term, we’re going to see something far more existential and dangerous. Technology and transportation allow the elite to travel from global city to global city, unmooring them from traditional loyalties and reducing any stake they have in their native countries.

We have a ruling class with “no skin in the game” and to them, our entire society is expendable. The gamble most are making is they will remain invulnerable from the chaos of multiculturalism and global economic and technological progress, broadly defined, will continue. And if a self-conscious elite can beat back their own peoples, as Foreign Policyrecently argued, they believe they will able to change the demographic situation such that their position will be invulnerable.

But as global society becomes more integrated and complex, it also becomes less stable. And now, the Western core countries are beginning to rot away, subsumed beneath a never ending and heavily subsidized tide of Third World humanity. The German government will spend over $100 billion to support “refugees” over the next five years, most of whom are worthless in terms of their ability to economically contribute. Sweden is already buckling under the weight of what they have admitted. And this is only the beginning of what is coming next, as Western subsidies have ensured an African population boom.

Assuming a nationalist or populist backlash can be beaten down by the System and Muammar Gaddafi’s prophecy of a “black” Europe is realized, what future does the West have, even for the wealthy? The global utilitarianism pursued through open borders is becoming a worldwide scheme of dysgenics, creating a deracinated, mediocre, and helpless human race.

If you were a wealthy South African businessman who didn’t care about his people, the end of apartheid was good for you. No sanctions, more opportunities for trade, and no social penalties. What do you care about the white trash leaving in squatter parks or gross Boers being butchered on their ancestral farmlands in front of their wives and children? You can watch the Springboks from your hotel in London.

But even these options are going to be cut off when bastions like Germany, the United Kingdom, and America itself buckle under the weight of demographic transformation. And can the “elite,” especially Jews, be as confident they will be able to penetrate East Asian markets as they did the West?

The events in Rio are simply a harbinger. A nation like Brazil can’t host something like the Olympics. As the West turns Brazilian (or worse), there will be fewer countries who can.

And as even though the Olympics themselves are just a variation of corporate degeneracy, it means something when a global fête backed by billions of dollars can’t guarantee the basic safety of its athletes, let alone guests. Even when the Soviet Union couldn’t supply supermarkets, it could accomplish great things if it bent every effort. Now, the “country of the future” can’t accomplish one big project.

The problem is that the elites think that all those things that technology has created for them are somehow created out of thin air.  They seem to go to great lengths to convince themselves that somehow those things just happen without any human agency all the while also going to great lengths to muck up the system upon which those technologies rely.  Consider what it takes to build an airplane.

Or a smart phone.

I, Smartphone

Or, for that matter, a simple pencil.

The elites have spent so long in the clouds that they don’t have any contact with how the world really works.  Buoyed by the legacies of their ancestors who created their wealth and their membership in the elite institutions in academia, media, finance and government they don’t really have to worry about actually making, well anything. As far as they see stuff, it all just shows up, from someplace else.  They don’t understand that that private jet they fly in required thousands of hours by hundreds of hands to fabricate all the complicated engineered parts that all have to fit together in order to work and requires still more hours of highly skilled and technical knowledge to keep operating.  For that matter, everything they touch requires the same level of hard work from the very people who’s lives they are messing up.

The problem is that the gleaming enclaves are totally reliant on massive resources outside those enclaves. Does Davos produce any food? Does Aspen? San Francisco? New York? Certainly not enough to feed the elites in the style they have become accustomed to. So, if the system beaks down, which seems to be the goal from what they say, it’s not going to be pretty in the gold coasts of the world.  And how can you run, if your money is no longer any good and the vehicles no longer work?  I’m confident in my ability to keep myself alive if I have to, but are they? That’s a bet I would not be making.  Yet here we are.

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  1. Joe Wooten · July 13, 2016

    The elites are setting themselves up for a major league FAIL. They are going out of their way to piss off and degrade the very folks who keep everything running. That degree in genderqueer LGBT studies ain’t gonna grow/process the food and fuel, make the spare parts, or install them in your limo/Gulfstream by them selves. I am totally amazed at how those who purport to rule us have so little regard for how the system works, and stays working. They wave their hands and declare half our electricity is to come from ‘renewable” sources, that we WILL reduce out dependence upon “obsolete” fossil fuels, that ALL our food should be “organic” so on and so on ad nauseum….


  2. Dawn Dreams · July 13, 2016

    Not to mention, as Mark Blyth said at the end of a great video, “The Hamptons are not a defensible position.”

    Good article. Thanks for the links.


  3. quiltwallah · July 13, 2016

    We hear stories that the elites have bought themselves boltholes – islands in the South Pacific, mountain chalets in New Zealand – and are counting on escaping there when it all collapses, leaving us little people behind to be culled by the chaos to come. In their minds, they’re starring in that scene from “Independence Day”, where Air Force One races down the runway, pursued by a destroying fireball getting closer, closer, then at the last moment, the plane takes flight and wings away to freedom, as the world below is destroyed. If this “escape hatch” gives them a sense of security, it’s only because of their ignorance of how the world actually works.

    I’m very sure they’re not envisioning themselves living like primitive islanders, unraveling their last pair of underwear to make a fishing line to catch food. Or skinning rats to make a stew. They’re fantasizing about continuing their present electrified, net-connected, air-conditioning existence, but without all us awkward non-persons cluttering up the planet. How they think they will do that when there’s no longer a power grid, no longer transportation to bring them gasoline to run their generators, no longer any way of getting parts or tools to fix things, I don’t know. They might as well have bought themselves timeshares on Mars for all the practical good they’ll do.


    • Joe Wooten · July 14, 2016

      Hey, that set of PV panels on the roof of and the little windmill behind the Chateau will do just fine to keep the wine cool and the food cooked. The servants and bodyguards will be glad to stay on for free and take the orders from an idiot……


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