Sex, Government, and the Laffer Curve

The economic costs of higher taxes are not small. What’s amazing is that politicians never seem to see the light and understand that them getting a 7.5% larger check at the cost of everybody else getting a 25% pay cut does not work for very long.

International Liberty

Over the years, I’ve run into oddball stories about what happens when politicians and bureaucrats get involved with matters relating to sex.

  • California bureaucrats are regulating participants in porn films, as humorously described by Mark Steyn.
  • The World Bank is paying poor young women so they don’t take up with sugar daddies.
  • Obamacare is so costly that some young women are looking for sugar daddies.
  • Obamacare also subsidizes Viagra for sex offenders.
  • British taxpayers are financing sex trips to Amsterdam.
  • The U.S. Tax Court has ruled that money spent on sex change operations is deductible.
  • The law in Hawaii allows cops to have sex with prostitutes.
  • In Germany, by contrast, prostitutes have to use parking meters to pay tax.
  • A brothel in Austria offered free sex to customers to protest high taxes.
  • Pakistani officials use transsexuals to encourage tax payments.
  • But in Colorado, you can get busted (no pun…

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