Update: California High-Speed Rail Nearly Dead

In Japan you see the never completed sections of past boondoggle highways. In CA it’s going to be HSR.

Jeb Kinnison

Virginia Postrel has a good article on Bloomberg discussing the latest snags in the HSR project, the boondoggle being kept on life-support to shield the careers of politicians who have kept it going long after the original promises to voters were broken. I ended the previous post on the project with this:

A high-speed rail line through dense urban areas and mountains was always going to be a difficult project. But pie-in-the-sky projects pay off when you can direct money to your political supporters preparing for it, get back some of that as campaign contributions, and retire from public life before the public realizes they got nothing for their tax dollars. As in all these Bootleggers and Baptists stories, the “bootleggers” — politicians, unions, and contractors — pushed the project through fully aware the proposal was a fantasy and sold the dream to idealistic voters. Having foolishly voted for the…

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