The World Turned Upside Down

“Go Work.” I’m trying. Nobody wants to pay me.

According To Hoyt

*First, before the post, I must tell you that I’m in this bundle.  This means if you’ve been meaning to read Darkship Thieves, but were afraid it stank on ice, this is your chance to get it (Prometheus Award Winner, 2011) and a bunch of other books by better known writers.  You can’t beat the price.  So, buy, pass to your friends, whatever.*

There have been several times in my life (so far) when I was watching news coverage and someone said “the world will never be the same.” The first time was when I was eight, listening to coverage of Black September.  The last time was… this week over Brexit. In between lie Brexit, and a dozen other “shocks to the system.”

Every time this, for me, had the “taste” of hyperbole, in varying degrees.  I felt like “Oh, please, the sun will still come up…

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