What Is This Place?

The top image is from the SONO Switch Tower Museum. A treat little place to visit in South Norwalk CT. I occasionally volunteer there from time to time.

I think that I need to update the sticky post. And add some rules.  First the rules.

Comments are very much welcomed. .  If you choose to remain anonymous you MUST provide a actual email address and a real, not Tor IP.  I want to talk to real people who have real personalities. If you want to not have your comment posted just say so and it will never escape moderation. If you want to find me offline my linked in profile is in the “about” post.

This blog is my space to explore science, technology and social and economic commentary.  Some long running post series are the Dysfunctional Economy, the Job Stuff and The Tech Stuff posts. There’s also a new series on cybercrime and ransomware.  The most important post series is the Let’s Build series exploring the maker movement and engineering a new product by doing it.

A little about me. I am a Senior Mechanical Engineer deeply interested in all sorts of technologies and how technologies relate to human life. I take sort of different outlook than most people because I believe that technologies are not autonomous and cannot be separated from the scope of human life.
Technologies are tools and the whole reason for a technology to exist it that it makes people’s lives better. I feel that there is too much emphasis on being afraid of technologies stemming mostly from the fact that people don’t want to understand a technology and why it does what it does. It’s easy to be afraid of, say, a nuclear power plant if you do not understand how it works. But we shouldn’t live based on our fears.
I’m also going to post about stuff I think doesn’t work. Some will be technologies and much will be discussions of economics, political and social, with links.
Expect to see a lot of demonstrations of that here, along with pictures, videos I shoot and some Japanese stuff.




  1. JP Kalishek · June 26, 2016

    Heh, I use only Linux/Kubuntu and WattOS on my laptop. But for all those Haxxor fellows out there who like to make the stupid claims, there are things I need to do that will only work on Windohs. Garmin won’t update without it … at work, the programing they force us to use is Win7, “updating” the new Win8 and 10 laptops to 7 (they really are not looking forward to flipping windows10 as the only OS) to make life better. I had 7 but the drive died, and the replacement download claims it can’t activate because “you suck und we hate you” wait, that is H&K’s M.O. did Microsoft hire some of the HundK folk, or did HundK get MS people?


  2. ibrahem AL-Shameri · August 12, 2016



  3. Phil B · June 15, 2017

    It’s a railway Signal Box (as we term it in the UK). The levers set and operate the up line and down line signals, originally by levers and connecting rods, nowadays by electrickery and wires. >};o)

    You needed to be a strong guy to do the job.


    • jccarlton · June 15, 2017

      That’s what the pic is. This one is now museum, the levers work, but don’t do anything.


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