I Can Feel It Coming

The harsh fact is that almost nobody watches CNN or believes in Socialism. Along with the fact that the media and distribution models are changing with leveling of the internet. As for Socialism, the screeches get louder and louder as they get ever more irrelevant.

According To Hoyt

Yesterday, late in the day (we had vent cleaners, a process that unexpectedly took something like 7 hours, and I was trying to prevent stupid cats from running out to tangle with coyotes and wild turkeys) I finally sat down to read my compadre’s Dave Freer’s blog post.

It was about many things — okay, it was mostly about manure, because you can take the monkey out of the jungle, but… — but in the middle of it he mentioned something about CNN’s CEO admitting they’re in trouble and saying they need to hire more center and center-right reporters.

I thought the Monkey was seeing things — you know, manure has dangerous fumes — so I checked it.  And son of a borg, he was right.

For a moment, for just a moment, I felt as though the ground shifted under my feet.  It wasn’t big or strong, mind, more…

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