Kid Takes MIT Courses Online Starting At Five

I can only imagine what the education system would have done to this kid.
We have an education system that has valued conformity and fit  over individual initiative and growth for as long as I can remember. In many ways it’s worse than no education system at all, especially for kids in depressed and stressed neighborhoods where the whole goal of the union protected teachers is all too frequently to pass the kids through the system as fast as possible and leave them incompetent in the all too world they will be dumped into.

This kid was at least able to leverage his intelligence and the hugely powerful educational skill to essentially home school himself outside the system. And he had parents that had the flexibility to get him in the right places at the right time. Many other kids are not so lucky.

That case mentioned in the link?  That happened here in Norwalk. It’s sad that the system is willing to jail parents trying get their kids out of a system that wants to chew them up and turn them into indoctrinated drones for the new state.



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