Who Would Have Thought That Spamming Was A Mental Illness?

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It’s seem like nothing can stop this guy.  It’s more than the money, it’s a compulsion.

The self-proclaimed “Spam King,” Sanford Wallace, has been given a 30-month jail sentence, a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and five years’ probation.

The 47 year old pled guilty back in August to sending more than a half-million spam messages through Facebook in violation of a court order that prevented him from accessing the social network following previous spamming efforts.

Wallace, from Las Vegas but sentenced in San Jose, will also undergo a mental health evaluation and will not be allowed to own or use a computer without the court’s permission during the five-year probation period that will follow his sentence.

The two-and-a-half-year sentence is a little less than the maximum three years he was facing, a sentence that was itself reduced from 10 years following a plea deal.

Some of the details of that plea deal have now been made public. Although he was facing 11 charges ranging from fraud to damage to a protected computer, he pleaded guilty to electronic mail fraud and criminal contempt of court.

Wallace was barred from using Facebook after a previous spamming spree, but according to court documents obtained Facebook users’ account information by setting up more than 1,000 fake websites which encouraged users to click on a link. If they did, the site grabbed their friend lists.

Using two aliases – David Frederix and Laura Frederix – he then spammed more than 550,000 Facebook users over the course of three months with over 27 million messages.


I mean, seriously what kind of crazy does it take to make everybody on earth hate you.

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