Islamist, Communist, Nazi: Ideologies of Hate

Wake up people, wake up.

Jeb Kinnison

After last night’s murder of fifty people at a gay club in Orlando, politicians are rushing out their statements, most smart enough to avoid knee-jerk reactions blaming anyone but the shooter, and perhaps the group inspiring him, ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Notallweresothoughtful.

I’m going to spare you my pledges of emotional solidarity with our gay brethren, or pious warnings not to blame Muslims in general for the hateful actions of a few. I’m going to assume you’re all adults and understand that ideologies and religions associated with mass murder — Communism, Nazism, and recently the fundamentalist Islamist groups — are all thought-viruses which prey on the susceptible. This is an assumption I may regret, since the topic is a minefield unless you stick to the mainstream channels of banal sentiment.

This is not a hot take, or an attempt to promote one political tribe over others by pointing a…

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