Building a Positive Future Instead of Tearing it Down

With all the dismal stuff going around we need to remember this.

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We have discovered through hard trial and error that a society without a sense of larger purpose drifts into nihilism and despair. __ ColonyofCommodus

To build a future, people must have a sense of purpose — “a larger purpose” than merely to perpetuate the past or present. Such a purpose is the foundation for a positive, productive future. But sustaining and propagating a positive sense of purpose is difficult when the larger part of the power elite and the information gatekeepers are working as hard as they can to disrupt and destroy all meaningful and productive purpose.

If you mess with words, if you use them in ways which don’t make communication more smooth. If you lie and manipulate and make up bullshit constantly; well society goes to hell. But making society go to hell through the purposefully wrong use of language is a common profession in our days…

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