Winter IS coming

The winter always comes, on the back of stupid people who don’t trust anybody, need total control and are unable to keep things going. Don’t let “what if” become the enemy of “lets do it.”

According To Hoyt

I’m not stealing this from a series I neither read or watch.  I am echoing it from many discussions recently in which the phrase is used like a short code for “things are gonna get rough.”

Yesterday I was at village inn (don’t judge me.  Our very rare violation of no-carbs, no-sweets is in the minor form of no sugar apple pie about once every two months.  On Wednesday, of course.  Which is how I realized it was Wednesday.  Sorry I didn’t do MGC guys.  Things are still confusing.) and a group of women I’d say ten years older than I, (but I’m bad at judging so probably my age) were discussing how bad things have been going over the last eight years.  (It wasn’t said, but I got a strong feeling they’re voting for Hillary anyway.)  And then they said “We need to get used to this.  It’s the…

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