When Speed And Creativity Are Critical, Law Enforcement Is Always A Mile Behind

This is a post series on cyber crime. For more posts click here or the cybercrime tag below.

I think I’m going to make this an ongoing series of posts as things develop.  I’ll provide links malware prevention people, news stories and discussions with law enforcement, if any.  This is a serious problem and it needs to be dealt with.  Because it may attack at any time and anyone.

There’s a reason why cybercrime is so prevalent.  The big reason is that because of the nature of the crime, Law Enforcement is always a long way from catching on to the issue before it becomes a total mess.  That means that cybercrime is left to what are in essence Private companies who are into protecting people from the criminals. Those companies don’t have any incentive to actually shut down the crooks and so the crime goes on, unchecked.

I was told by two friends to call the FBI.  It turns out that that was a waste of effort.  I just got shunted to form to fill out, like this was some petty crime.  Meanwhile hospitals are being held for ransom and businesses are being raped of their files. The ransoms are the smallest part of the loss. The real loss is the lost man hours trying to rebuild after you’ve been cratered. Along with the admission that some things you may never get back.

When I called the FBI, I had just finished a long discussion with a friend of mine about this and cybercrime and my case in particular.  We talked about what I should say to the FBI and what possible approaches I should take.  We treated this like a minor case of a serious crime.  If only the FBI treated it that way.  Instead you get sent to form that’s indistinguishable from a form you fill out for petty theft.



Looking at other websites it seems that the FBI says to just pay.

Did the FBI really say “pay up” for ransomware? Here’s what to do…

The thing is that this is a serious crime and there are real victims.

Why Hospitals Are the Perfect Targets for Ransomware


If somebody dies because their medical data gets screwed up, that’s second degree murder. When cybercrimes first started, the attack was mostly on the computers, not necessarily the data.  It’s different now.  This is bad, because the data used by a user is typically worth far more than the computer itself.  And of people have the right to be secure in their homes they have the right to be secure in their computers, no how sloppy they may be on one day.  Frankly I’m not typically sloppy about computer security. Yet I got nailed.  I hate to think what’s happened to business and hospitals.  there’s also the fact that no recovery  is 100% and no back up is perfect.

The FBI needs to up their game on ransomware, fast. this is a serious matter and not arresting and prosecuting people only makes the situation worse.  The best crime prevention is deterrence, making the risk for a crime so high that nobody wants to commit it and that keep the number of instances low.


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