Demographic Change: The World You Think You Know is Being Overturned

Something has gone really wrong in the developed world.

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Economic Foundations are Eroding Beneath Your Feet

Young people have more dopamine, more testosterone, more vim and vigour. It is the natural life drives and ambitions of the young and middle-aged in high-IQ societies that drives the economic engines of their societies. Demographic balance in advanced societies is shifting to include many more old people.

The Moody’s rating agency ((NYSE:MCO)) has published a report predicting that the number of “super aged” countries, those with more than 7% of their population over the age of 65, will increase from three to 13 by 2020, and 34 in 2030.

Currently, only Japan (26.4%) (NYSEARCA:EWJ), Italy (21.7%) (NYSEARCA:EWI), and Germany (NYSEARCA:EWG) are so burdened with that number of old age pensioners. France (NYSEARCA:EWQ) (18.7%), Switzerland (NYSEARCA:EWL) (18.2%), and the UK (NYSEARCA:EWU) (18.1%) are about to join the club.

The implication is that the global demographic dividend the world has enjoyed over the…

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