Silver Spooner Tells Off Trump Supporters

Here’s how Hillary’s technology advisor thinks of Trump Voters:

Ross, said that the most open countries would have the greatest success in the coming decades because the biggest emerging markets were big data and genomics. But he warned that America could become a more closed society if Donald Trump was elected president.

“We’re having this struggle very publicly in the United States right now where a vulgar, demented, pig demon named Donald Trump is trying to make the United States a more closed society.

“We’ll be saying, no more brown people, no more Muslims, let’s get women back in the kitchen. Let’s make America great again.

“What he’s talking about is taking emasculated men in their forties, fifties and sixties who are not living the life they hoped for in their teens and twenties and saying, ‘you know what? there are people to blame for this. And we’re going to build a wall and we’re going make America great again.

“At the core of that is the struggle between being an open society and a closed society. And so if you want to know where the trillions of dollars of wealth creation that are going to come with the commercialisation of genomics, and the creation of big data companies, and the AI machine learning companies and all of the industries of the future my overarching line here is it’s going to be the most open societies.

“Open societies means that upward economic and social mobility is not constrained to elites, it means that religious and cultural norms are not set by central authorities and it means that it is wildly rights respecting, in terms of the rights of women, religious minorities, racial minorities and ethic minorities.

“The industries of the future will be overwhelmingly concentrated in the most open societies.”

Who is Alec Ross. Well here’s his Wiki page:

Ross was born and raised in Charleston, West Virginia. Ross’s father was an attorney.[7] In the seventh grade of grammar school he moved to Rome, Italy for a year to live with his grandfather, Ray DePaulo, then the commercial minister at the American embassy.[1]

After graduating in 1994 from Northwestern University with a B.A. in history, Ross moved to Baltimore as a Teach for America corps member.[1] Ross taught for two years and then accepted a position as special assistant to the president of the Enterprise Foundation. He focused on developing business, technology and fundraising strategies.[10]

In 2000, he co-founded the nonprofit One Economy, a global nonprofit that uses innovative approaches to deliver the power of technology and information about education, jobs, health care and other vital issues to low-income people.[5]

Typical silver spooner bio.  It doesn’t look as if he’s actually DONE anything up to the point where  he started with the Administration.   What has he done since.  Well He wrote a book.  Getting a look at it, it’s the typical Lib Prog easy reader by the Idiot Expert, pushed into stores by the benign big five publisher giving the connected a big advance.  Here, look for yourself.

For a big time Innovation specialist, he doesn’t seem to be seeing anything that hasn’t been old hat for a long time.  Honda’s Asimo? That’s been around since about 2000.  and Japan’s demographic problems and use of robots since the 1990’s.  Actually if you want to see the future of robotics you need to look closer to home, but I’m not going to give anything away.  Check my Tech Stuff Series for clues.

If he’s clueless about technologies, he’s even worse about open societies.  I’m one those “emasculated men,” who’s had his dreams more or less smashed, by the very party that has fed Mr. Ross, supported him and greased the skids for him his entire life.  The Party of the red tape worm that’s stifling innovation and creativity, taxing everything in sight and redistributing from the productive to the cronies.

The fact is that we the emasculated know who did that. We are tired of being drained of the fruits of our labors, having our living standards lowered and our country invaded because of the people who want to inflict their “open society” and the consequences of that on our jobs and safety while they get to feed off of crony deals and in gated, walled communities.  So if takes a “demon pig” to get the swell attention, well it will be our demon pig.

The fact is that you can’t have those fancy new industries that Mr. Ross is talking about without a foundation to build upon.  A foundation that was built and maintained by those “emasculated men” that Ross talks about. The kind of men doing jobs that Mr.Ross could not even begin to understand.  The kind of jobs that his Party have been blithely destroying now for decades.  Mr. Ross doesn’t understand that what’s at stake isn’t some super technological future, but an economic collapse right now.

Of course the “open Society” that Mr. Ross is talking about is actually the thing being pushed by that Jewish Nazi collaborator, George Soros and the last thing about the kind of society Soros wants is one that actually has any Liberty or openness about it.  I suspect that what Mr. Ross sees as the end game is actually the move to a servile society, which will not end well.  But all Mr. Ross can see is the demon pig.

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