It’s Race Weekend.

With oncoming Monaco and Indy 500 this weekend, I thought that I would post relevant stuff.

First of all, a post I did last year.

And another classic car running around the course.

The history of the Type 35 Bugatti

1957 Monaco

1965 Monaco

1971 Monaco

1975 Monaco

And 1991

Some old Indy stuff.

The history of the race.

The November/December issue of Home Shop machinist had an excellent article on early American racing engines.

November/December 2015 issue Volume 34, Number 6

A 1923 Miller

A 1926 Miller


More Miller racers from pre WW2








Pit stops described on a Popular Mechanics podcast.


Pit stops then and now.



Enjoy the race weekend.


  1. JP Kalishek · May 28, 2016

    Practice for the Isle Of Man TT starts this week too.
    Here is a highlight reel from last year:

    Ian Hutchinson “Hutchie” won 3 races completing his come-back. After a 2010 TT where he won 5 races (only man to do so) a late season British Superbike race crash almost required the amputation of his leg. He now uses a right side shifter, and a thumb brake lever as he has limited movement in his ankle.
    Anstey finally won a “Big Bike” race.
    Michael Dunlop started the year on a Yamaha and left the team during practice week, got a BMW, and then was taken out when a back-marker crashed. He is again on BMWs and I think his own Honda for the 600s, and he occasionally rides a Kawasaki 650 twin in the Lightweights
    Though he didn’t win anything, Connor Cummins had a decent year as well, sort of completing his come-back from a 2010 crash (I will post his crash in a separate reply), and is on one of the fastest Hondas this year, teammates with Bruce Anstey.
    Guy Martin had a so so year. He is taking this year off to prep for a grueling mountain bike race. Guy is an odd duck, and even though he has lots of fame, and several BBC shows he has done, he’d be just as happy being a Lorry Mechanic, and racing his own bike on his own dime with no one knowing who he was.
    Guy also had a bad crash in 2010, but was not nearly as injured as Hutchie or Connor.
    John McGuinness won another Senior TT, setting the lap record at 132.701 mph, and the TT Zero for electric bikes, also resetting the lap record. A good year for him this year could see him surpass the Late Great Joey Dunlop for TT wins. He has 23 to Joey’s 26.


  2. JP Kalishek · May 28, 2016

    Connor’s crash:

    The bike almost got some mutton!


  3. JP Kalishek · May 28, 2016

    And a lap from McGuinness’ win last year:


  4. penneyvanderbilt · May 28, 2016

    Reblogged this on KCJones.


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