My Great Grandfather’s Business

 I posted recently about my great grandfather’s watch.  Well some blotters advertising his coal, lumber and hardware business showed up. I also found some pictures of his business online

Apparently he had a long and prosperous life. And was a prominent man in the community.  I’m looking for more pictures of the business in the family pictures, but while I found a bunch of interesting 1920’s stuff, pictures of the family business can’t be found.  Here’s a picture of the man himself.


And a short obituary

Apparently the lumberyard closed in 1965, but I remember seeing the family business in 1974, on trip out west. Well that’s a subject for more investigation and digging. It’s always good to know where you come from.



One comment

  1. Aletha Carlton · May 27, 2016

    Hi There Son, There are some people missing from the names of people in the picture; Aunt Rena Duthie, who may have been the eldest; She married a farmer and widower with three children by the name of Melville,she is on the far right. There was Gail who died of a heart condition as a young woman. Your Grandfather Tom is the handsome man in the back at the center.Then I am the young child on the left with cousin Vivian and sister Tamera.


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