So who is the Hugo Baldrick to the PNH Blackadder? There are SO MANY choices,

Mad Genius Club

Or how to write the villain’s dumb henchman, who makes the story work.

For those you who don’t know Blackadder – a BBC sitcom… you should. Blackadder – a singly inept and inevitably short-sighted, entirely self-serving and self-centered… and self-defeating cowardly opportunist, always with his loyal (and, naturally abused by Blackadder) and incredibly stupid servant Baldrick, blunders from disaster to disaster, leaving bodies in his wake, and history and indeed nobility in tatters.

It’s cynical and at times both poignant and very funny (sometimes in the ‘iffen ah don’ laff I’s sho’ gonna cry’ sense. The driving motivation in each case is Blackadder’s (in his various incarnations) charming nature. But the plot… ah, the plot thickens. In this case, literally, because the plot so often comes down to Baldrick’s ‘cunning plans’ – usually to rescue his master from his own inept scheming and behavior (Blackadder, who inevitably places his benefit…

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