UK Hydrogen Madness: “Does the Committee on Climate Change want to blow us all up?”

This is just plain nuts. I used to work for a compressor company. H2 is nastiesr gase to work with that you can imagine. It’s leaks through things that you wouldn’t expect, like piping walls if they are the wrong type of pipe and definitely any non welded together joint. H2 will rise and collect under roofs and garrets. And oh, yes it has that wonderful tendency to burn. Not nice stuff at all.

Watts Up With That?

Hindenburg Hydrogen Explosion Disaster Hindenburg Hydrogen Explosion Disaster – By Gus Pasquerella –, Public Domain,

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Most UK households use natural gas for home heating, largely because green policy inflated electricity costs are so high. But the Carbon Worriers in the British Government have a plan to fix this.

Does the Committee on Climate Change want to blow us all up? by CHRISTOPHER BOOKER.

Some publicity has alighted on the latest brilliant idea from the “greenies” as to how we can comply with the Climate Change Act by “decarbonising” our economy. Ofgem paid £300,000 for a study suggesting that, instead of cooking with CO2-emitting natural gas, we should switch to carbon-free hydrogen. A £2 billion pilot project for Leeds would show how natural gas, or methane, could be converted to hydrogen by piping away all its nasty CO2 to be buried in holes under…

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