The Nanny State Writ Blobacious

We were free once. Then somebody decided that we were all children that needed to be managed.  Jerry Pournelle has been talking about Bunny Inspectors and magic shows for years.

A friend pointed me at this.

Of course it hardly stops at bunnies and magic shows.  Oh no, these people:

And these people.

From these places.

Have felt compelled to make sure that everything in society is neat and tidy with everything in it’s place. They’ve been doing it for decades now. Which is why we end up with this.

What a wonderful twitter handle. But I think that considering the number of pages in the Federal Register that they won’t be running out of rules, ever. Look at it this way. If you actually did something today you may have broken three or four of them. Were you at Cape Cod?

For more on the dysfunctional economy click Here or on the tag below.


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